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  • Private Key: The private key in a key pair, used for signing data.
  • Public Key: The public key in a key pair, used to identify an author and verify signed data.
  • Author (in Bamboo): The public key included in a Bamboo entry.
  • Bamboo: An append-only log data type that ensures security and authenticity of arbitrary data in order to share it in a decentralised and trustless setting.
  • CBOR: Concise Binary Object Representation data format used for encoding operations.
  • Document: Conflict free multi-writer data type which represents most application and system data in p2panda.
  • Entry: An entry in an append only log.
  • Hash: The result of applying a hashing function to some data, this hash is used to uniquely identify and verify the hashed data.
  • Hashing: A cryptography method that converts any form of data to a unique text string.
  • Hexadecimal Encoding: Human-friendly representation of binary-coded values using the hexadecimal numeral system. The p2panda GraphQL APIs require values to be hex-encoded.
  • Key Pair: A string of data that is used to lock or unlock cryptographic functions, including authentication, authorization and encryption.
  • Operation: p2panda data type which describes data mutations. Collections of linked operations form causal mutation graphs which are the foundation for p2panda Documents.
  • Yasmf: A multiformat hash used in p2panda.