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  • Ed25519 key pair generation and handling
  • SQLite / PostgreSQL support for data storage
  • WebAssembly support in the browser
  • aquadoggo GraphQL API
  • Operation specification, creation and validation
  • Define documents and relations between them
  • Pin previous document states
  • CBOR encoding
  • Materialisation of data from operations
  • Schemas describing the format of operations
  • OpenMLS group encryption
  • Schema migrations
  • Multi-writer materialisation in aquadoggo
  • System Schemas in aquadoggo
  • Application Schemas in aquadoggo
  • Dynamic GraphQL API generation to query data
  • Filter, search, sort and pagination queries
  • Schemas- and data validation
  • Transport encryption between nodes via TLS 1.3
  • Automatic local discovery via mDNS
  • Automatic internet discovery via rendezvous nodes
  • Establish p2p connectivity with UDP holepunching and relay node fallback
  • Efficient replication protocol to sync data between nodes
  • Create and serve large blobs (images, videos and any other files) via HTTP
  • Flexible and powerful configuration interface for aquadoggo
  • Garbage collection for unused blobs


  • Build an Android app with Flutter using p2panda
  • High-level data encryption API using MLS
  • Capabilities for fine-grained user permissions and roles
  • Shared identities across multiple devices


  • Flutter SDK
  • ORM API in our TypeScript SDK
  • Ephemeral data by default, it deletes itself after a defined time
  • Schema backwards compatibility via lenses
  • Garbage collection of unused data